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Oh, Mila

'Tis the season for band concerts and dance recitals and basically the end of the school year is the best/worst. In every way. It's chaotic and eventful but rewarding and THAT'S MY BAAAAY-BEEEE.

What I'm saying is suddenly the kid formerly known as "burgh baby" is, well ... this.

IMG_2367 (2)

That happened fast, no?

Since it is the time of year when we spend a lot of time celebrating the growth and skills Alexis has gained, Mila has spent a lot of time sitting back and watching. She will get her turn eventually, but for now she's Alexis' biggest fan and an observer at all of the things.

She was FANTASTIC through Alexis' band concert.

She was AMAZING during the last track meet of the season.

She was PERFECTION through a dance reci ... no she wasn't. She was ... not perfection.

Alexis' dance recitals are three hours long. They are a well-oiled machine and a wonder of organization, but even when you strip away the fluff, you're still left with three hours of dancing. It's a lot, no matter how you look at it. Mila truly loves watching dance recitals ... for a while.

She was really very good for the first hour. She made it quite a while fully paying attention, often turning to ask if she could "do that dance" when she's bigger. I think her requests were mostly based on costumes and music choice, but who knows. She may very well end up liking dance as much as her sister does.

The second hour she was ... okay. A little wiggly and a lot squirmy, but that's well within the range of acceptable in the grand scheme of things. She became absolutely enthralled when somebody accidentally pulled a fire alarm and caused the whole place to evacuate (adding half an hour to the already significant three hours ... THANKS, JERK), but then we went back to sitting quietly.

It was really very quiet.

Silent, even.

Between dances, at a moment when silence reigned supreme over the theatre, a little voice blasted, "OKAY, THIS IS BORING NOW. I'M BORED. CAN WE LEAVE?'


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Was there a round of applause with a standing ovation? BurghBaby is now BurghBeauty.

May 21, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterkimmjo87
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