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Duh, Alexis

I don't know about y'all, but we're still over here making slime. I would have thought that we'd be done with it by now, but it's just as well since there are about 7 gallons of glue under my sink. Alexis has mastered the art of combining glue, contact solution, cornstarch, and glitter just so. Sometimes she takes Mila along for the ride.

Mila SUPER likes going along for the slime ride. She will poke and pour and glitter? BRING ON THE GLITTER. The two of them often end up chasing me around the kitchen with glitter-covered hands because they know that nothing says "Professional Office Lady" like glitter all over your face. Their mission is to slather some glitter on my face and hope it stays there for weeks.

It has worked more times than I can count.

The most recent time it was Slime o'Clock, Mila ended up with a lovely purple slime filled with about 14 pounds of glitter. She was pleased with herself. Muchly. She wanted to play and play and play with the slime. It was fine and dandy until she tried to leave the kitchen with it and then OH, HELL NO. The carpeted areas of our house are a strict No Slime Zone. It's an essential rule. It's a fair rule. It is a non-negotiable rule.

We all know what Mila does when she finds a rule. After spending half an hour trying to sneak the slime into the family room, she finally gave in and went back to the kitchen. She then proceeded to ask her sister some questions.

"Alexis, can you wake me up tomorrow?"

"Sure," Alexis replied.

"Make sure you wake me up early," Mila continued.

"Why am I waking you up early?" Alexis asked.

"You just have to wake me up before Mom gets up," Mila stated. She said it very matter-of-fact, as if it should have been assumed but DUH, ALEXIS.

"Just wake me up so I can play with slime on the carpet," Mila finished.

It's a really good thing I overheard this conversation. The damage Mila would have done if I hadn't busted her? OOF.

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