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They Had To Start Fighting Eventually

So now that Mila has figured out that her sister is basically a grandma, Mila is all in on tormenting her. It's become a hobby, of sorts. Mila just plain loves to make her sister mad. In the past week, that has been accomplished by:

- Swearing. Mila discovered that Alexis cannot handle the words, "What the hell?" strung together so she's saying them. A lot. But never when I'm around because apparently making me twitch isn't as fun as making Alexis twitch.

- Touching things in Alexis' room. You know that person who will notice if you move their keyboard one inch to the left? Alexis is going to be one of those people. She's currently entwined in a sloppy tween phase, but she knows exactly where all of her mess is supposed to be. And Mila has been moving it. A stuffed animal on a different shelf, a book on the floor, clothes on the chair ... little things. Alexis is going to lose her fool mind if it continues much longer.

- Whining. Alexis made the mistake of lecturing Mila about how whining is the one thing that will make me crazy. It's true. I lose all patience instantly when someone whines. But, I'm smart enough to not let Mila see my reaction. Alexis can't help herself, so now Mila is whining extra just because Alexis will yell, "STOP! You're going to make mom grumpy!"

(It's totally true.)

- Absolutely refusing to wear whatever clothes Alexis suggests. Mila has a fancy new Harry Potter shirt, but she won't wear it because Alexis wants her to. That goes for about 10 dresses as well. Mila is digging deep in her closet just to avoid wearing anything that Alexis would pick.

- Trashing the car. More than usual. Mila is always bad about leaving piles of Goldfish crackers everywhere (she sweats them, I think), but now she has figured out that Alexis cares if the car is clean-ish so she's purposely throwing food around the back seat. Which, THAT is a delightful hobby.

- "I don't like you." Possibly Mila's biggest sin is telling her sister that she doesn't like her just for the sake of watching her sister get mad. Mila instantly changes her story to "I love you so much!" and gives hugs, but not until after she has had the glory of two seconds of Alexis being annoyed.

I'm not sure what career all this meanie-face stuff is setting Mila up for, but she is going to be SO good at it.

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