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Naked Tinkerbell is Never a Good Thing

It's not really surprising that all of Alexis' toys are still around because ... Alexis. Nor is it surprising that all of those old toys are in perfect condition. I mean, it's Alexis. Of course every last Polly Pocket was safely stashed in the box where they belonged and of course every shoe and hair piece and accessory was there as well.

Alexis only flipped out a little when Mila found the box. It was fine.

So now there are a lot fewer Polly Pocket accessories, but somehow there's this little Tinker Bell as well. It's about 2 inches tall with a little dress, wings, shoes, and the like. It looks brand new and ZOMG MILA. STAAAAAAHP.

Mila is on hour 60 or so of needing to have the Tinker Bell with her at all times. She's dragging it to the car, on walks, to bed, everywhere. Which, whatever. While she's dragging it everywhere, she's also making it a point to keep track of the shoes, dress, wings, and all of that. Little Miss Hurricane is genuinely doing her best to take good care of what was one of her sister's toys.

It's pretty fantastic. EXCEPT.

Do you want to guess how many times I have circled back to find a fallen shoe? ALL OF THE TIMES. There was even a dramatic cleaning of the car because I knew one shoe was in there ... somewhere. Probably under the french fries and dried yogurt.

And Tink's dress. UGH. It's held on with a microscopic piece of velcro, which is just leading to Tink doing a strip tease approximately every 3 seconds. Unfortunately, Mila can't figure out how to get Tink's clothes back on, so she freaks out and demands help and you know why I went to college? So I could spend my every free moment helping Tinker Bell be a little more modest.

I love dressing dolls when I'm supposed to be doing everything else that needs to be done.

So if you're wondering why my house is trashed and I'm not returning any messages, there it is. I'm busy keeping Tink dressed. It's swell.

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May I make a suggestion? What if you put Tinkerbell, dressed in her outfit, in a clear ziplock bag and Mila can carry the bag around. Maybe even use a bag with a character on it. Or a pink (or her favorite color) bag.
The bag is to keep T safe or clean, you can say.
Hope this helps!

August 8, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterLeeInIrwin
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