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Growing Pains

The thing about having blogged for 12 years is that I have history at my fingertips. I can scroll back through old posts and discover patterns that I might not see if I weren't doing so much to document each day. While I don't write down a comprehensive summary of what happens each day, I leave myself enough puzzle pieces to figure out what's happening.

Hi, I have absolute proof Alexis turns into a MONSTER the month before her birthday. There's something about the month of January that just brings out the cranky in her and it always has. She spends more of January getting yelled at for her attitude than every other month combined.

Mila, though. Mila is closing in on a month to her 4th birthday and ZOMG THE MONSTER HAS HIT. I see no evidence that it came last year at this time, but maybe the weather matters? We have had a lot more pleasant days in April during most of her life. This year has been dumb, so we've spent significantly less time outside. I have a theory that playground time and emerging from the darkness of winter can offset the getting biggerness that leads to Monster Mode.

The only way to know for sure is to gather a bit more history, so here we are. In the past week, there have been tears every single morning for reasons ranking from "That's the wrong cereal" to "I don't like those socks." And when I say "tears" I mean that this morning she literally sat her butt down in the kitchen and kicked her little feet, angry that her plain white socks were plain white socks. Which was what she asked to wear, except apparently she meant the OTHER plain white socks.

There's a reason tiny people are so cute. I just can't remember what it is because my tiny person is definitely not cute when she's growling at me.

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