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Happy Birthday, Mila

Well, this happened.


Somehow the baby who was JUST BORN I SWEAR IT had a birthday today. Suddenly, she's five. If ever a human perfectly exemplified the saying, "the days are long but the years are short," it's Mila. THE DAYS ARE SO LONG. But the years ... ::blink::

Mila is generous (I say as she gives me all of the stickers she got for her birthday), inquisitive, and a fireball of attitude. She knows what she wants and she gets what she wants because "no" is not an option. She will persevere through anything, always outlasting everyone who tries to get in her way.

Go ahead. Try to outlast her.

You won't.

She's stubborn and smart, clever and affectionate, and WHY AREN'T YOU KEEPING UP WITH HER? Patience is not a thing she possesses, but somehow that's an asset for her. She uses her impatience to make the world around her move faster. She's constantly recommending more efficient ways of doing all of the things, so we should probably award her a Six Sigma Black Belt now. She has a better, faster way and you might as well pay attention because she's not wrong.

Seriously. It's amazing how often she turns "No" into "Yes" by recommending a different way to get things done. "If we drop sissy off first, we can have time for ice cream!" for example.

Perhaps the most outstanding personality trait that has been apparent from the start with Mila is that she feels things out loud. She has zero ability to disguise her emotions. While I realize that's partly because she's five (OMG SHE IS FIVE), it's also DEFINITELY who she is. She is blunt and direct, but grateful and joyous.

Mila is still the Tiny Human. Literally. She stands a good 4-6 inches shorter than her peers, but yet she looms over them with a larger than life personality. She fills a room, but then sometimes she doesn't. One-on-one with strangers she's quiet and timid. Yet, she sat at her sister's Honors Awards ceremony and yelled "SISSY! THAT'S MY SISSY!" as Alexis walked across the stage. She wanted to make sure EVERYONE knew that her sister was the most important person in the room.

Mila adores her sister. She adores her with every fiber of her being.

The sisters are different in every possible way, but they both have kind hearts overflowing with love for everyone around them. Except that one guy. Mila super doesn't like that one guy and she's going to tell you about it.

Why hide your feelings? It's better Mila's way. Feel out loud and do it with pride.

Thanks for coming into our world, Mila. It's better with you in it.

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Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday!!!! Five. FIVE? HOW CAN IT BE FIVE?!!!

May 30, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterDenise
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