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So Five

Nothing says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" like spending your night watching your big sister get an academic award, am I right? Every year Mila gets treated to the funnest of the fun things for her birthday.

The good news is that she completely doesn't care. The kid is just so easy to please.


Unicorn pudding. No joke, unicorn pudding was Mila's favorite birthday gift. It wasn't the LOL Suprise Doll. It wasn't the new clothes. It was PUDDING.

She's such a strange kid. The good kind of strange, but still. Strange.

The pure joy about her unicorn pudding lasted all night, but once morning came, OMG SHORTS! Which, WHAT?

Mila has it in her head that summer needs to hurry up and walk through the door. She has also decided that shorts are a summer thing. Every morning she's all, "IS TODAY SUMMER SO I CAN WEAR SHORTS?" I really don't know where it all came from because the kid has never been willing to wear shorts. She's a dress girl through and through, to the point that I've always had to fight with her about wearing dresses to gymnastics and such. She REFUSES to wear shorts, even when they are the correct answer.

The kid has also never worn jeans. I mean, she wore a pair once, but then she whined about it so much that I never dared make her do it again. I've tried to convince her she wanted jeans a few times, but she has been steadfast in her hatred. Which, it's kind of okay because she's so tiny that jeans don't fit her anyway. The leggings thing we've compromised with works just fine when pants are absolutely needed.


Of course it makes total sense that she would suddenly want the two things she hates the most combined into one thing.

This morning Mila happily pulled on her jean shorts, which of course led to me commenting that I thought she doesn't like jeans or shorts. Her reply? "Mom, I'm five now. Five-year olds wear jean shorts."

I should have known that.

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