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I'm Not Weird. You're Weird.

If ever there was any doubt which of my children is stranger, IT IS MILA. The kid is amazing and fantastic in her willingness to do whatever, which includes the whole box thing. (It's still going!) Since the box contains dolls, lately she's been super good in the car because she's off in her own little world, pretending with her dolls.

The dolls have very long conversations. Don't interrupt them. Just enjoy the fact that Mila isn't talking to you, okay? Okay.

The fact that Mila suddenly doesn't demanding everyone's attention in the car led Alexis to realize that Mila has no car hobbies. As in, Alexis spends most of her time in the car either staring at her phone or looking for yellow cars. She also shops for the house she's going to buy some day and looks for animals.

Apparently that "looks for animals" thing is actually a thing. As in, lots of people do it. They look for animals and then yell what they see, i.e. "COW!" or "DEER!"

In discussing that Mila doesn't seem to do any of those things, Alexis and I ended up talking about all of the random things we do to entertain ourselves in the car. I remembered that when I was her age, I had a looooooong list of weird.

I counted light poles.

I blinked every time a fence post or light pole or whatever went by. I tried to time the blinks so I would never look directly at one.

I tapped my back teeth together in rhythm with the highway markers.

All of the above could also be done with buildings, clouds, whatever. It was all about finding a rhythm or organizing chaos into order by numbering it.

Alexis' response to all that? "Well, at least Mila isn't as weird as you were."


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Geez, I did most of those things too. But I don't know if that helps you or bolster's Alexis' point.

October 12, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterbluzdude
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