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Important Things

I am nothing if not predictable, which is hilarious because I don't try to be. It's just pure dumb coincidence that I took the girls to the Cleveland Zoo nearly exactly a year after I last did. I guess we need to make it an annual spring break event or something.


Mila votes yes to that idea. Mila votes yes to all ideas that involve spending time at a zoo.


Especially if I let her crawl around on some animal statues. For some reason, she thinks that is the ultimate reward.


Yeah, I don't get why it's so fun either. But apparently it is.

Also qualifying as an award is handing my camera over to the other kid. Somewhere along the line, she has decided that spending hours figuring out how to shoot in manual mode is the best.


She's not entirely wrong. But, there is one thing the kid still has to learn. She is one of those people who gets so busy taking photos that she forgets to be in the moment. It's easy to do, of course, but when you're so busy taking photos of a flower that you don't notice that your sister is basically kissing a giraffe? You might need to pay a bit more attention to the world.


She'll learn. I'll make sure of it.

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i've never been up to their zoo. worth the trip?
LOVE that alexis is into the camera! (maybe she will teach me if you won't? boom!)

May 4, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterhello haha narf
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