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Thanks, Past Me

Every once in a while, I wisely play a situation. For years, I have absolutely rolled my eyes and thought "OMG STAAAAHP TALKING" when Alexis has talked her face off, but she doesn't know that. I've never tipped my cards so that she could figure out that it hurts my head when I pick her up from dance and she vomits all of the words.

It's worth noting that in part I haven't let her know it's crazy-making because there's a side of me that enjoys it. Truly. Alexis goes to dance class, it puts her in a good mood (nearly 100% of the time, in fact) and then she talks her face off all the way home. It's a thing, and it's a thing that shows that she is genuinely happy. I love that she is genuinely happy, even if it hurts my head when she shows it.

Thus, I've never told Alexis that the universe is going to explode if she doesn't simmer down. I've just thought it. I haven't done it. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I usually comment that I'm glad dance makes her so happy when we pull into the driveway and I wipe the blood away from my exploding ears.

Tonight, though. Tonight was Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I had to listen to the game on the radio. Dance class doesn't stop for important hockey. I managed to hear most of the first and second period surrounded in total peace as Alexis danced, but then she got in the car. With all of her words. While the game was on.

I have never been so glad I faked enthusiasm in the past. I told Alexis that for as much as I love all of the talking, I super needed to hear the game. AND SHE WAS OKAY WITH IT. In fact, she apologized. For real.

She sat in total silence for the remainder of the period and then the very second the buzzer sounded, ALL OF THE WORDS FELL OUT OF HER FACE OMG. She saved up and planned and plotted all that she was going to say and then she said it even faster than she normally says things. It was some gold medal worthy word vomit, for sure. It took us nearly the entire 20 minute intermission to get home, and she spent every second of it talkingsofastIcouldn'tunderstandhalfofwhatshewassaying.

Patience is a virtue. It also pays off in the long run.


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she is the absolute best!

May 4, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterhello haha narf
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