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In the Heights of Complaining

Ain't no party like a girls' night out party and Alexis and I rock that fun. It starts with a milkshake from Milkshake Factory and ends with a show at the Benedum and it's always good.


This past Friday, we started with milkshakes and ended with In the Heights. Let's go ahead and get the part where the CLO gave me the tickets (they rock) out of the way. That doesn't have any impact on my thoughts on the show, which are that it was AMAZING. Holy cow. Everything Lin-Manuel Miranda touches is fantastic. The only bad thing I can say about the show is that the actor who plays Usnavi (aka Lin-Manuel's role when he was in the show) sometimes comes across as trying to be Lin-Manuel playing Usnavi instead of himself playing Usnavi. Of all the people in this world, I think Lin-Manuel might win at proving that being yourself is the best path forward.

Do you hear me future Alexis and Mila? You are uniquely qualified to be you. Do it, even when there is someone who is worthy of your adoration.


I took Alexis to the show because she is currently obsessed with Hamilton. OBSESSED. She is reading the book that inspired the show right now, in fact. She's THAT kind of crazypants. Given that the dancing is all sorts of fantastic and the music is way catchy, I expected that walking out of the show, she would gush about how great it was.

There was no gushing.

"It wasn't my favorite," she said.

Which, WHAT? I saw the kid tearing up at one part and bopping in her seat at another part and there was no way that she didn't enjoy it. Thus, I requested that she explain herself.

"Everybody in the show has so much drama! All they do is complain about their lives and then they don't do anything about any of it. They just stand around and complain. It's their own fault if they aren't happy!"

She later admitted that she did enjoy the show and I have caught her trying to teach herself some of the choreography, so maaaaaaybe her first reaction isn't her lasting reaction but WOWSERS. Apparently that thing that I preach about how she's not allowed to complain about things she can control has gotten through? Maybe?

Now how do I get her to teach the rest of the world?


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Oh my gosh! I wish that I was that smart at that age!!! I still am trying to learn that lesson!!!

July 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMary
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