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Turns Out Mila Has a Jealous Streak

My girls are very special little snowflakes, so they do weird things like forget to be jealous of one another. It's a spectacular oddity to behold - they seriously don't do the jealousy thing. Not about each other, anyway.

Except, well, I broke it.

For months, Mila has been obsessed with picking flowers. And for months, I've been beating it into her little head that we don't pick flowers. BAD CHOICE! Don't do that! Leave the flowers for others to enjoy! BACK AWAY FROM MOMMA'S GARDEN, PUNK.

She was sort of starting to get it, but then it came to be time to do Alexis' annual daisy photos and I flat-out wasn't thinking. I told Alexis to go outside and pick some daisies. She did, of course, and Mila busted her doing it. 

There was a lot of yelling.

And then I told Mila to simmer down because Alexis was allowed.

AND HOOBOY DID THAT MAKE IT WORSE. Mila saved up a lifetime of sibling jealousy for that moment and she unleashed it with a fit of fury. It was spectacular. I did the only thing I could think to do to make it end and that was to tell Mila to go help Alexis pick daisies and WOW. That made it all worse.

Once they were done fighting over daisies, which, there are THOUSANDS growing in the yard right now, Alexis popped back into the house and was ready for photos. But Mila wasn't done being mad that her sister was allowed to do things she wasn't, so she decided she was going to be in the photos as well. Or instead. Whichever.

July17 081

Oh, and Mila decided she had to wear a fancy dress since Alexis was wearing a fancy dress. She somehow managed to squeeze her giant self into her Halloween costume from 2 years ago. It was very "Fat guy in a little coat." 

July17 083

And, no, I do not know why there was a plastic fish there. It just ... happened.

July17 010

It was every bit as uninvited as a certain preschooler who took over the whole production.

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I sympathize but I am totally laughing my tukus off at this, being the little sister in my family who wanted to be just like the older sister nine years my senior.

July 11, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJenda
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