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I've Been Replaced

Way back at Christmas, Alexis super wanted an Alexa speaker. Considering they were something like $20 at one point, SURE, KID. NO PROBLEM. I bought two. One was for Alexis and disappeared into her bedroom about six minutes after she opened it. The other one went to Mila, but I knew I was going to make sure it stayed in the kitchen. Which, GOOD CALL, ME.

We use it a lot. Between setting timers and playing music and getting the weather report, it is handy having someone around to do your bidding.

The person who uses it the most is Mila. Which, it is hers, so that's fair.

Mila is very quick to tell Alexa to "Play Handclap" by Fitz and the Tantrums which continues to be her most favorite song of all time. She will play it on repeat for hours if you don't intervene and possibly even if you do. Sometimes intervening turns into a fight and it's better to just keep listening to the song.

Mila also asks Alexa to read her stories and ... well, the very long list of random questions that pop into her head are now handled by Amazon's artificial intelligence. I'm sure someone somewhere is gathering the data and they are SO CONFUSED OMG.

"Alexa, how many days is it until Easter?"

"Alexa, is it summer yet?"

"Alexa, do I have to wear pants tomorrow?"

"Alexa, why do dogs have four legs?"

"Alexa, how do you spell 'Mila?'"

"Alexa, can I watch Puppy Dog Pals?"

"Alexa, where do bugs go at night?"

"Alexa, is there more macaroni-n-cheese?"

"Alexa, why is it cloudy outside?"

"Alexa, how long until my pumpkins will be all grown up?"

"Alexa, why does Penny eat trash?"

"Alexa, can dogs eat ice cream?"

She can go on for an hour quizzing the speaker and being perfectly happy with whatever answer it gives. And you know what? IT'S FINE. At least I'm not the one being quizzed endlessly.

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Literally the last thing I read before coming to your blog this AM was this:

So, yes, they are listening and probably at least more amused by Mila than other people.

April 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterAkuipers
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