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Like Mother, Like Daughter

I fully realize that I'm a pampered princess who needs to get over it, but I have very strict expectations for winter weather. Snow and cold in November? I'll allow it. Snow and cold in December? YES, PLEASE! Snow and cold in January? WAHOOO! Snow and cold in February? Okay. Snow and cold in March? GTFO. NO.

March 1st has me ready to whip out the flamethrower and make it spring however I need to. I want sunshine! And chilly but tolerable temperatures! And the white stuff? SCREW THE WHITE STUFF. I want daffodils and crocuses and little green leafy buds everywhere I look. It doesn't need to be shorts weather; I'm just done with winter proper.

I do know what the calendar says about this whole thing. I don't care.

Also, it's worth noting that I am willing to allow one March snowstorm per year. I allow it to occur on a Friday evening and it should involve at least 8 inches of snow. We need to be dug out by Monday morning, but only after we have dedicated the weekend to sledding and building snowmen and such. We don't talk about April snowstorms because there should be no such thing.

So, I'm unreasonable, but not TOTALLY unreasonable. I just have standards and those standards are "meets expectations." Whatever the average temperature is supposed to be is what it should be.

Of course, today was a day when I half got my way. Half the day it was sunny and bright. The other half of the day, it was snowing so hard I couldn't see the parking lot out of my office window. Total white out. Beautiful spring day. Total white out. Beautiful spring day.

It was enough to ALMOST make me wish for one type of weather or the other. The back and forth was nuts, so I was almost willing to accept the bad in exchange for not changing.

Not Mila, though.

Mila spent the entirety of the drive from daycare to gymnastics shaking her little fist at the snow and yelling, "THE SNOW IS BOTHERING ME."

I swear she loved snow just a few weeks ago. Apparently she is going to carry on my legacy of banning snow after March 1st.

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Despite being here 15 years this year I get stir-crazy in March too and it doesn't help that my family in Texas starts talking about wildflowers, etc. I want to start planting, but around here that means mid-May post last frost.

March 14, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterRobin
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