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Little Sisters. Geesh.

Sometimes I ponder the fact that in a short six years, Alexis will be moving out of the house. She'll be leaving Mila to be a sort of "only child" OMG. For the first time ever, Mila will have the run of the house. More than she does now.

Which, Mila idolizes Alexis. She looks up to her, copies her, adores her, torments her, all of it. Everything Mila does somehow circles back to her big sister. It's the best.

November18 178

Mila has almost no experience existing without her sister around. On the nights that Alexis stays over at a friend's house, Mila is SO lost. She whines and cries and wants her sister oh so badly.

But then her sister returns and Mila goes back to torturing her. Of course.

November18 188

Mila gets away with all of this torture for one simple reason - while she is definitely mean at times, it's only something like 10% of the time. The other 90% of the time, Mila showers Alexis with pure love. She is constantly saying, "I love you" and hugging her sister and giving her kisses and, really, there's so much happy between them.

But then there's that 10% of the time. Mila can be such a butthead.

November18 162

Once you see it, you can't unsee it. This came after Mila said, "I love you!" and asked for a kiss. So.

And that's why I know for a fact Alexis will move out in six years. She's going to need to just so she can regain her sanity.

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