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Small Victories

Mila's preschool held an election today, which was appropriate as she once again accompanied me to the polls to do the civic duty thing later in the day. Her preschool election was about something slightly less important than election officials, though. Instead of picking between people, she had a chance to weigh in on her choice for lunch on Friday.

The little election had a polling booth and ballots and the whole bit, which I know because Mila told me about it about 13524624513 times, except she said she "boted." I'm not telling her it's a "v". Don't you dare tell her either. She also told me that her choices in the election were hamburgers, hot dogs, or pizza. Which, LOLOLOLOL. The kid is a vegetarian, so only one of those choices was a REAL choice for her.

Go ahead and draw your own similarities between real life campaigns and that little situation.

Hamburgers won, which is fine because there will be a veggie burger for Mila, so in the end it will all be okay. Better than okay, even, because OMG SHE IS SO EXCITED. Along with the veggie burger will be some french fries, or so Mila is assuming, so maybe having your imperfect choice can still lead to good things.

You following me, internet?

Imperfect can still lead to good things and solid improvements for some people. Embrace it.

And let's keep marching towards equality for all people.

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I'm so disappointed in the way things went in my little corner of the state I live in. Maybe that is why I woke up all sideways this morning. Not to mention, the migraine that I have because of the low pressure system that is moving in over the next couple of days. Mostly, its the way things went yesterday. Insert sad face here. I am glad though that Mila is excited for her win.

November 7, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterMary
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