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Shine Bright. Or Something.

I'm going to admit a thing I never thought I would feel, let alone admit to feeling -- I wasn't ready to dive head first into Christmas decorating. I don't know why, but I was relieved when Alexis had put away all of the Halloween decorations on Friday. I was even more relieved when nobody immediately insisted on putting the trees up.

I was thinking that maybe we could wait a week? I don't know why. I've looked at the schedule for the rest of November and GAAAAAAH. There is so little time. It's best that we get a solid start now, but ... meh. Let's just wallow in the darkness of fall and winter. Given that Mila is ALL OF THE ANGRY about the time change, I figured I would be angry too.

Speaking of the time change, Mila and I spent an hour arguing about it today. She didn't understand why it was dark so early. Every one of my explanations was met with an eye roll and a judgey statement. My favorite was when I said we changed the clocks because it's dark in the winter a lot and we need more light in the morning. Mila replied, "That doesn't even make sense."

She's not wrong.


I was going to wallow in the darkness. I gave in and let Mila have a tree in her bedroom immediately after Halloween, but I figured that was enough.


I left for two hours yesterday. For two hours, Alexis had cheer practice and I stayed out running errands. Mila used those two hours to very effectively convince the other adult in our home that I said the trees could go up. Which, I didn't. But I wasn't there to call her out on her lies, so she dove ALL IN.

"Mom said we should put all the trees up while Alexis is at cheer," was the line that got her started.

She got her way. There are a crapton of trees up at my house. AND I DON'T REGRET MILA'S ACTIONS AT ALL, SO SUCK IT.

I'm going to go wallow in my shiny and bright. It *is* way more fun than the darkness of winter.

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