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Making Plans. BIG Plans.

I don't know when my own kid is talking to me.

I'm earning the daily Best Parenting award for that fact because Mila is in a phase where she never. stops. talking. But, she genuinely isn't talking to me some of the time. She has long conversations with a multitude of people I can't see. I like to think she keeps tiny humans in her Tiny Human pockets because if anyone would collect miniature humans, it's Mila.

She's wandering around having conversations with invisible people, but apparently I'm supposed to be involved in these conversations, I just can't hear all sides of the story. We will be driving down the road and Mila will be talking talking talking talking talking talking talking "Right, mom?" I don't know what to do when it happens. Do I nod and agree and hope I didn't just guarantee a pony? Do I ask her to repeat? Oh, wait, doing that might mean that one of the other people who are apparently in the conversation might have to do the repeating and THEN WHAT?

I'm so lost so much of the time.

Tonight's random conversations that I only half heard, maybe by design and maybe not WHO KNOWS, involved a shopping list. We need to go buy the stuff to build a treehouse, some new dresses with kitties on them, and a baby brother.

"We need to go to the baby store and buy a baby brother." I still don't know if I'm supposed to do the driving, Mila is hitching a ride with her invisible friends, or what. If a male infant comes up missing in the next few days, we'll know she did it. We'll also know that I will have no clue because I'm not listening when my kid tells me things.

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