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Of All the Skills to Have

Sometimes I like to ponder what I think the girls will want to do when they grow up. It's not as much fun with Alexis just because she has an opinion about these matters already. Although, I would bet money that she won't end up in the career field she says she's going to choose. She's probably right about she won't do - I agree that it's unlikely she'll be a police officer or doctor - but I have a hunch she'll end up heading in a different direction that she is planning.

Mila, though. It's a wide open playing field for that girl.

Mila loves to argue. She's good at solving problems. She's creative. There are so many paths she could choose.

She's going to be the Captain of the Junk Food Police. I'm calling it.

I rarely buy junk food for snacks around the house. It's not that I think we're above chips and cookies and delightful crap like that; it's that we forget to eat it and it goes bad and I throw it away and blurgh. If we want junk, I'll bake a small quantity of something because packaged stuff rots in our pantry. I *hate* wasted food.

Thus, I just don't buy the stuff. And when I do, I hide it.

Don't bother to judge me for hiding junk food in our house. Every parent I know has snuck their favorite food into a dark corner because kids are the worst. If you are super looking forward to a bag of Doritos, you will absolutely find your family gathered around a kitchen counter eating the last crumbs just as you're ready to dig in.

Ask me how many times that exact scenario has played out. Just know that I can't count that high.

ANYWAY. On the rare occasions that I buy junk, I hide the junk. I then wait until everybody else is off doing something and I cuddle up on the couch with that junk.

And Mila shows up EVERY FREAKING TIME.

I have no idea how she does. I can legit hear soft baby snores coming from her bed then ten minutes later she'll be standing in front of me with her tiny hand outstretched as she says, "Can I have some, please?"


It doesn't matter if she's asleep, outside playing, or not even home. Somehow that kid ALWAYS knows when I'm about to enjoy a little junk and she somehow interrupts.

I think it might be her superpower.


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I adore that picture.

June 16, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMary
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