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A Perfect Day

We speak in code around here because that's what happens when there are toddlers listening and talking. You have to dance around words to avoid starting World War III (for example, "gymnastics" will lead to trouble every time) and you have to be able to interpret the oddest things.

"Ride kitty." Any sane person could spend days trying to guess what Mila could possibly mean when she says she wants to "ride kitty." Fortunately, I'm not sane so I know she's referring to the carousel in Oakland. Alexis is also not exactly sane, so she too knows what the request means. Except, while I translate it to "carousel in Oakland," she translates it to "Giant library in Oakland."

Yeah. So. Right now I have my children trained to think that riding the kitty and going to the giant library are a very special treat. They both kiss up so that they will get the opportunity. Mila for the carousel, Alexis for the library. (When I figure out how I managed to convince my kid that the library is a treat, I'm going to write a book and make millions. Just you wait.)

Here's the thing, though. What the girls don't seem to realize is that outing happens to be a special treat for me, too. I can't go to Oakland and not go to Wafflelonia, so there it is. The absolute perfect day ever.

Some time picking out books. A few minutes to inhale waffley awesomeness.A little time riding the kitty (or dragon, depending on what is available).




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