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On the First Day of Christmas Crazy, My True Love Gave to Me, All the Things for Baby

There was a point in the not-so-distant past when my finger hovered over the delete button. Not for this blog, certainly, because I've always and continue to write in this space so that a certain two little girls will always know how very loved they are. I write so that I remember and they remember all of the things, so to speak. I do it in a public way because otherwise I won't. So.

No, I hovered over the button on Twitter.

I don't mention this as a way to get people to beg me to stay. I think it's safe to say that I've stepped pretty far back from the Twitter Beast these days. I'm there ... sometimes. I've stepped away because the place I once looked to for all of the things has been taken over by trolls and hatred and negativity and bots.

So many bots.

There was a day when I was attacked endlessly by bots pretending to be real people who very much like our gun laws exactly as they are. It took all of two seconds to confirm they were robo-accounts, which THE HELL, TWITTER? If I can prove it with a few clicks, so can the powers that be. Why let the platform be ruined by letting the chaos reign supreme?

Anyway, I'm pretty over the thing where Twitter verifies the accounts of white supremacists and allows hate to flow through its timeline. It would be easy to walk away ... except. Except that I still think Twitter has the power to be a force for good. I think that because I've watched it happen year after year after year.

All of the same things can be said of Facebook. It has the power to do good, when its keepers force it to amplify the words of real people. When it's left to the paid bot accounts and such? Ugh.


I could walk away, but instead I'm going to force those two places and this place and all of the places to remind me of the good.

Remember Christmas Crazy?


Over the next week or so, I'll be adding items to the wish list for our friends at Center for Victims. I'm going to be doing it in the stylings of the 12 Days of Christmas because themes make everything better.

And so, with that, I bring to you the First Day of Christmas Crazy. Won't you please bring me all the things for babies?


(Click the happy little reindeer if you'd prefer to help out with a monetary donation instead of shopping on Amazon. Any and all help is, as always, HUGELY appreciated. Every little bit goes a long way in making the kids at Center for Victims just a tiny bit happier this holiday season.)


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I’ve been waiting for this :)

November 13, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterLindsey

What Lindsey said!

November 14, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMary
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