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On the Second Day of Christmas Crazy ...

. . . I went looking for a particular Christmas Crazy post from years past and got lost somewhere around here.

LOOK AT TINY! I mean, LOOK AT THAT GIANT PILE OF TOYS! That's the pile for Christmas Crazy 2014, which happens to be a pretty great reminder of how good this thing has been over the year. Each one of those toys landed in the hand of a child who received services from Center for Victims.

Do you want me to remind you of what Center for Victims does? I'd honestly rather not get into specifics because I don't like thinking about the fact that there is a place that has to help kids learn how to recover from witnessing a murder, being burnt with cigarettes, and a host of other terrible things. I want Center for Victims to not need to exist, but they do. And it's good that they exist because they are needed.

They're needed more than ever.

People are doing awful things to one another even as budgets for supporting non-profits are shrinking. Our nation is doing less to care for the people who most need a little help.

It's up to us. Each one of us has to accept the challenge and do what we can to make the world better.

Large or small, every little thing we do to help makes a difference. So, feel free to do some shopping on Amazon and I will deliver those toys to Center for Victims. Or throw a few dollars into the game and I'll turn those dollars into much needed Christmas magic.

I can't do this thing without you. Thanks so much for always making itwork.

On the second day of Christmas Crazy,

my true love gave to me

STEM toys they'll love

and all the things for baby.

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Benjamin wants to help so much but he is getting to the point where he doesn't want a huge birthday celebration either. He wants a few friends over and that is about it. He and I will be helping through the use of social media and may have some friends help in person for his birthday.

November 16, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterHeather
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