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She's Right

Mila has had a lot of great moments in her short life, but I think my new favorite might be a direct result of the fact that she forgets things. While she absolutely remembers the fact that I promised her an ice cream sandwich three days ago, somehow she forgot that there was a time in her life when she didn't have to wear leggings with her dresses.

I mean, it has been a long winter. Can you blame her for forgetting what life was like back when the weather was kinder?

Imagine her surprise when Saturday rolled around and suddenly spring showed up for duty. Alexis had the pleasure of being the one to help Mila pick out clothes for the day (we fight for the privilege because even a super-opinionated Mila is fun to dress up). It started with her recent favorite bunny dress, which I bought in Bahrain for who knows how much because I still don't understand the currency there.  Normally that dress goes with leggings, but Alexis was all, "You don't have to wear pants today! It's warm outside!"

Mila's jaw dropped. "WUUUUUUT? NO PANTS?" she asked with a level of glee normally reserved for chocolate, ice cream, and kittens. She was positively stunned and delighted. I was in the hallway listening to the exchange, but then stepped into the room because HILARIOUS.


It was so perfect.

For two glorious days, Mila existed without pants and with "fippy fops" because you wear "fippy fops" when it's warm enough for your toes to see the sun. Everyone was happy.

And then came today. The cold weather returned because Mother Nature is a stupid doo-doo face. I had to break it to Mila that pants needed to make a comeback, which was met with an angry glare. And then there was the moment when I told her she had to wear a jacket.

"You have to wear a jacket today. The warm weather went away," I said.

"But whyyyyyyyyy?" Mila sobbed.

Yep. I wholeheartedly agree, Mila.

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My 2yo asks if it's cold outside EVERY MORNING, because the whole time he's been able to talk it's been cold out. He's going to be so confused by nice weather.

April 17, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterHallie
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