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Vegetarian Meals for Tweens

Alexis is officially at the age where some of her peers are beginning to consider vegetarianism. They're experimenting and all of that, but it has led to lots of grown-up conversations about what a vegetarian tween will eat.


I don't know what "normal" kids eat. Alexis is generally pretty good about eating whatever I make. There are very few things she won't eat, actually ... just so long as we leave meat out of the equation. I don't think she will ever cross over. She's tried meats of all kinds from time-to-time and she never leaves the experiment thinking it was a good choice.

ANYWAY, in the midst of all of these recent discussions, the question "what are Alexis' 5 favorite vegetarian meals" came up. Here's what she answered. (If I ask her again tomorrow, she'll answer a different 5 things, but they'll mostly involve rice and pasta. The grilled cheese will always be on her list, though. Go figure.)

1. Vegetable Paella

2. Japanese Hibachi Noodles and Vegetables

3. General Tso's Tofu


4. Vegetarian Chili

5. Grilled Asparagus and Fontina Cheese



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