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Smarty Pants

About 98% of Mila's brain capacity is taken up by thoughts of playing with her hamster, but that other 2% has been up to some totally different shenanigans lately. Recently, the kid has been obsessed with thinking through what she wants to be when she grows up.

I'm assuming the whole thing spawned from a conversation at school. I'm assuming that because she went from not giving her future adultness any thought to being consumed in a *snap.* Also, I think that's where it started because initially she had some ... archaic thoughts.

Look, we live in a school district that's not all that with it, so to speak. I mean, one of the dress code policies is that girls can't wear tank tops with straps narrower than 1/2". I know when I see a kindergartener with skinny tank top straps, I'm distracted, so just imagine how the little boys in Mila's class must feel.

(Can you sense all the fire shooting out of my eyes when I think about how dumb that policy is? I hope you can. It's very warm and cozy as long as you keep a safe distance.)

So initially Mila was thinking about teaching and librarian and stay-at-home-mom and all the typical "girl jobs" that people in our school district have on their approved list. (I super don't fit in. Are you surprised?) That lasted about thirteen seconds once I caught wind of it because OBVIOUSLY.

So we talked about doctors and lawyers and engineers and all sorts of things. It was a remarkably interesting conversation considering Mila is only 5 years old. And from the conversation, Mila came up with her life's goal.

She's going to be an engineer.

An engineer who invents a new thing.

A new thing that will make her "all of the money in the world."

And then she's going to quit working because she wants to spend all of her time at the pool.

I told you she's a smart one.


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