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That's Just Gross, Mila

I'm not really sure why it happened, but at some point Mila ended up with a toothbrush in every bathroom of our house. It's probably because she's been voted most likely to succeed at ruining her teeth while she's also a giant baby about walking ten feet to brush said teeth. She will throw a tantrum over being asked to walk too far. It's a fact.

At some point, I purposely added a spare toothbrush for myself in our little half bath. It's because I'm always the last to go to bed and I don't want to wake anyone up with my late-night oral hygiene.

So, Mila and I each have a toothbrush on the edge of the sink in the half bathroom. No big deal.

Tonight I sent the Tiny Human in to brush her teeth, which went just as fabulously as it always does. The girl can whine about the dumbest things, I swear. Eventually she settled in and brushed. Just as she turned the water off from her final rinse, I heard it.

A loud crash.

It was the distinctive sound of a toothbrush falling into the trash can. o_O

When Mila emerged from the carnage, I asked, "Whose toothbrush fell in the trash can?" Basically, I wanted to know if I should burn mine before going and getting a new one. Because THE TRASH. That's not a place where something that will end up in my mouth should travel.

Mila replied, "It wasn't mine!"

I studied her face. She was pretty joyful about the fact that her toothbrush hadn't been contaminated.

"So was it mine then?" I asked.

Mila paused. I could see her little head doing the mental math and realizing that she had already admitted as much. She thought some more before replying, "No. Of course not, silly. That was Jojo's toothbrush that fell in the trash."

I guess I better burn that toothbrush and go buy a new one because I think Mila admitted she has used it to clean her hamster's teeth.


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