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The Box. Still.

Four score and seven years ... er ... maybe it was 9 days ago. Yeah ... nine days ago Mila decided The Box was going to be A Thing. She came home from Alexis' friend's house with a shoe box filled with toys and trinkets and it has been with her ever since.

And I do mean with her.

She is sleeping with the box.

It goes in the car to go to school every morning. It doesn't actually go to school because I convinced Mila that it would be a bad idea to expect her friends to respect the box. They can't be trusted and stuff, you know?

The box eats dinner with us.

It. Goes. Everywhere.


For what it's worth, the answer to the obvious question isn't all that exciting. There's nothing exciting inside the box. It's two Monster High dolls, a Barbie, a Barbie bed, a pack of pencils, a pack of erasers, some string, and that's about it. In the past few days, Mila has added a few things like kitchen utensils and a little Halloween toy, but it's still not that exciting. And, it can't fit much more because it's really very important that The Box closes properly.

Don't ask me why. And don't ask Mila because it super infuriates her that we're all too dumb to understand that closing the box is important.

Also don't ask me why my soup ladle is one of the things in The Box. Someday when I'm old and grey, Mila is going to give me back all of my soup ladles, mostly because I'm going to make her, because SHE ALWAYS STEALS THEM.

It's another of life's great mysteries. I don't know why sleeping with a box is A Thing and I don't know why every soup ladle ever ends up hidden in Mila's collection of joyous things.

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